My Dearest Buenos Aires

I have lived in Buenos Aires for 3.5 years. During that time I have lived in 6 apartments, had three jobs, have had to renew my visa three times, drunk more malbec than I should admit to and I have managed to learn enough spanish to be able to handle myself in almost all situations.

I love Buenos Aires and I always will. I love the energy of the place, I love how it is a city of millions but yet sometimes you feel as though you live in a village. I love the passion of the people and the fierce love they have for their friends and family. I am inspired and in awe by the adaptability of the people and how they adjust so well to changes and unforeseen problems both in their day to day lives and on a bigger scale with regards to what is happening in the country.

However as much as I love Buenos Aires living here is not always smooth sailing. The economy currently is disastrous, the political landscape is murky, it is often hard to get things done and having grown up with nature on my doorstep I sometimes feel like I am struggling for air here.
Argentina is my home and I’m in love with one of its citizens so its likely to be my home for some time yet. For that reason I am trying to reconcile some of my differences with the city which means I am continuing to wander the streets taking photos, discovering new and interesting places and carving out my space here in this fun, lively, constantly evolving yet somehow never changing place. ​


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