My 2015 Highlights


Today is New Year’s Day and 2016 has officially begun and I have been looking back on the past year and thinking about all the good stuff that happened. 2015 wasn’t the easier year, it was full of changes, many moments of self doubt and a lot of (sometimes too much) limit stretching stuff. I feel as though I learnt some good lessons from the hard things so going into 2016 I wanted to look back on the good.

My year began with a house move when I moved into my boyfriend’s place. It was a rushed decision and while we were (are) very much in love, the move was pretty much brought on by practicalities he was looking for someone to share with and I was looking for somewhere to live. Luckily it was the best decision I made all year and we are still very much in love. Living with him is like having a permanent sleep-over with a very fun albeit slightly messy best friend.

Soon after the house move my sister visited me in Buenos Aires. This was great because she was my first family member to come visit. She had a great time and this felt good. I loved showing her around my favourite spots and showing her why I had fallen in love with the city and I loved that she was able to see my life.

This year I really got confident with my Spanish and I feel like I kicked things up a notch. I began working in Spanish and had some really great encouragement from my colleagues. After lots of studying, lots of mistakes and lots of practice, it felt really validating to feel like I could hold my own in a Spanish conversation.

I also got to travel to some really cool places this year. I must admit there were moments when I grumbled that I needed to get away more and to spend less time in the city however when I look back I see that I managed to get away quite a bit. My highlight was definitely visiting the Atacama Desert.

I feel as though in 2015 I finally started to get more serious about finding a career I love. I have faced some real professional frustrations and challenges this year but I do feel I am closer to doing what I really want to do. What I want to do is write. I feel as though I spent almost my entire 20s too embarrassed to admit that for fear that people would tell me thats a ridiculous desire. The older I get the more bored I am by this fear of what others think especially as now that I have talked about it more I have found that the people around me are really supportive.

So I have wrapped up 2015 in the best way possible- on holidays and surrounded by my family. I am ready to continue with all the good stuff I started this year and to make 2016 even better.

​Happy New Year!


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