Book Chat: 2016 Reading List

The new year has come and gone and January is well underway. I had my first week back at work last week and we also moved apartment so I have been busy sorting things out and I haven’t been able to fit as much reading time in. Things are beginning to quieten down now though so I expect to get started on my to-read pile. Its a long one and a varied one and I am sure I will add and take away from it. Here are a few from the top of the pile:

+ Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear- Elizabeth Gilbert

I have completely bought into the hype on this one and just ordered it online. I am hoping it lives up to the hype. The blurb says the book is Gilbert sharing her “…wisdom and unique perspective about creativity…she shows us how to tackle what we most love, and how to face down what we most fear…” That all sounded interesting and relevant to me. I think a lot of what stops me from exploring my creativity is fear (also a bit of laziness but thats another matter) so I will be keen to dive into this book when it arrives on these Argentine shores.

+ The Story of a New Name- Elana Ferrante

I am actually 100 or so pages into this novel, the second in Ferrante’s Napolitan series, but I read those pages on the flight from London to Buenos Aires and since then haven’t really picked it up. The series tells the story of two girls growing up in Naples in the 50s. My god I had no idea it was so violent in Naples during that period. On the front of the book there is a review likening it to something Jane Austen could have written if she was really angry. Personallly I don’t think this book could be written by an englishwoman, no matter how angry she was. Now I am not particularly into violence but I try to put that aside because the writing is just so good. The characters are so well developed and I found myself relating to many of the protagonist’s growing pains. There are four in the series so I guess the other two are on my 2016 reading list too.

+ Economics: The User’s Guide- Ha- Joon Chang

I live in an economically volatile country and with the current inflation rate sitting at around 30%, it the first place I have ever lived where the countries economy has had a direct impact on my finances. And yet, I don’t really get how this economics stuff really works. This book claims that anyone can understand the science behind global economics. Well we will see, at the very least I will learn something.

+ The Vacationers- Emma Straub

I think this book was released last year and it has been on my to read list for a few months. It is about a family that goes on holiday to Mallorca and on that holiday they begin to discover things about one another from the past and tensions arise. I don’t expect to be wowed by this book but it seems to be a fun, humorous read. I guess you could say beach read but sadly I expect to be reading it on a crammed subway train.


I plan to read a lot more during the year than these four books but these are some to get me started. I generally don’t wander far from my preferred genre of literary fiction so I want to read much more non- fiction this year. I also plan to read a lot more books in Spanish. It is so much easier and comfortable reading in English but I have come so far with my Spanish that I want to maintain what I have learnt and then build on it.

Happy, Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Book Chat: 2016 Reading List

  1. Hey! What a great recommendation on Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, I’m already sold by what you said! That fear always creeps on us doesn’t it? Love your blog, don’t stop!


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