Weekly Round Up and My Favourite Things

Friday is here! The highlight of my week, the day I buy myself that coffee and eat that hamburger and the day where anything and everything feels possible. I think I may even get more excited about Fridays than Saturdays and that is a bold statement. As I cherish Fridays so much I thought I would write a little about the things that are/ have been getting me excited this week.

The Argentine cooked for me on Tuesday which was great because I am lazy sometimes. He had never really cooked before meeting me so it has been a learning curve for him. When he says he’s going to cook, or when I tell him that he has to cook, I am never really sure what I will get (one time i got hot dogs- minus the bun- and smash potato from a packet). This week however I was pleasantly surprised when he put in front of me a plate of gnoccis with a caprese sauce that he made. We sat at the table, put our phones and laptops away and had a good old fashioned conversation.  It is something so simple and easy to do and I am kind of ashamed to admit that we don’t do that every night.

On Wednesday I went to a Korean cooking class. I love eating Korean food and unless I traverse the city to Korea town (which also happens to be a situated right next to a pretty unsafe neighbourhood) its not that easy to find. So when a friend told me she had a friend that taught Korean cooking classes I jumped at the chance to go. The class was great, the ingredients were so fresh and the teacher was wonderful, she took the time to explain to us the ingredients and methods but still kept a fun chatty vibe going while we sipped on some wine and then later some soju. We made mandu which are lovely little dumplings, some of which we fried and some of which we used in a soup. Then we ate them, which was my favourite bit. It must have shown as even the teacher commented on the speed and enthusiasm with which I ate. I am now resolved to gather a group together and head to Korean town or just return to the class again.

Processed with VSCO


It is the middle of summer and this week has been hot in BA. It is a humid heat too or as they say around here, pesado (heavy). So I have felt pretty sluggish and have spent most of my evenings sprawled out on the sofa under the air con scrolling through the internet (so adventurous, I know). So my exercise new year’s resolution hasn’t got off to a very good start. On a posirive note I an getting used to the new appartment and I have lots of plans to get out walking this weekend and soak up some sun.

I have getting excited about trip planning this week. My parents are coming to visit soon so I booked flights to Mendoza in the west of Argentina. Mendoza is famous for its wineries but it is also nestled at the base of the Andes mountain range which makes for some pretty lovely views. I love day dreaming about future trips I am going to make (especially when they are more than just a pipe dream) plus I can’t wait for my parents first ever Argentina trip.

Happy Weekend!



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