Buenos Aires Summertime Night Market

Buenos Aires summers are hot and sticky and we are slap bag in the middle of one. Sometimes during the day it is too hot to spend time outside so it’s better to come out at night once the sun has gone down. Yesterday I did just that and headed out to the Buenos Aires Night Market.

The organisers of this event normally run an organic/ farmers market type thing once a month. These are held in difference spots in the city during the day and I have been a long time fan of those. Mainly because they have a lot of organic produce and things that are generally hard to find in the city but seem to be so in demand.

In the summer time however they have started holding the markets in the evening. They are different with more food trucks and less produce but the food and drinks on offer are great. I am really not sure why I haven’t been to one sooner but better late than never.

Last night was the perfect balmy temperature and it was lovely to have food and beers outside with friends. We got there a little early which is always a good tip in Argentina if you don’t want to wait in a long long line. Argies tend to eat from 9pm onwards so by getting somewhere at 7.30pm it means you can swoop in there before the queues become unbearable.

I chose to eat a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and a couple of honey beers. Then I ate a little of my friends pizza. And it was all so good.



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