Weekly Round Up and My Favourite Things

I have worked a lot this week. My days have been jam packed and I have been jumping from one thing to another at work. My evenings have been pretty nice though and they have been full of my favourite things.

+ Running

Last year I ran my very first half marathon. I was so impressed with my accomplishment I think I subconsciously gave myself a license to take the rest of my twenties as a rest period free from exercise. However my christmas eating/ general eating patterns were catching up with me. Plus exercise is an irrefutable minimiser of anxiety and stress. It was time to get out there again.

So this week I put a halt to the excuses and I returned to my running habit. Here I should note that for me it is not just a challenge from a fitness perspective but also for appearances sake. I am a fair skin- potato like- foreign looking person in a country full of beautiful bronzed latinas. Its not fun to heave my pastey body around my barrio (neighbourhood) as my body remains deathly white and my face grows deeply and dangerously redder by the second. I feel all eyes are on me and not in a good way. But still I perservered and it felt good to be out there again. My first run was on Tuesday and that night I sleep so soundly, it was well worth the effort.

+ Internet Finds

The internet is like a treasure trove of ideas and stimulating articles and I like nothing better that to trawl through it. This week I read an interesting read entitled how to find your place in the world after graduation I graduated 8 years ago so you may say this is not relevant to me but I would say it is because although I am making my way to my place, I am not there yet. She talks a lot about the creative process and gives some good advice on what kind of mindset you need to take embarking on a creative career. Two things that particular resounded for me we firstly: your first attempt will be terrible, i.e. practice more and secondly: pay attention to what you are doing on the side, i.e. look at your hobbies, what you love doing and what brings you joy and let that lead you down a path.

+ Barrio Chino 

Any list of my favourites would not be complete without some kind of food reference. This week I am grateful for Barrio Chino. This means China Town in english and here in Buenos Aires they don’t just sell Chinese foodstuffs. Barrio Chino here is mecca for all imported food that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Basically it is a foreign persons food paradise in Buenos Aires. I stocked up on all my spices, seeds, baking ingredients and most importantly peanut butter.

Happy Friday!



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