Weekly round up and my favourite things


Today is Sunday. It is actually Valentines day today, though we haven’t done anything today that we wouldn’t have done any other Sunday, still it’s been nice and relaxing. I made some risotto for lunch and my boyfriend did the dishes, then we went for a walk, ate ice cream and sat in the plaza. Romance enough for me.

Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon I start to get the blues. I feel alright for the moment but I thought it might be nice to reflect on the week that was and my favourites bits to ward off any potential Sunday bluesy thoughts.

+ Public Holidays

This week was great because it was Carnaval. In Brazil they have massive street parties but here is just means we have two public holidays which means a super long weekend and a super short week. I value days off so much more than a party these days.

+ Balcony

I spent the public holidays making cups of tea, reading my book and sitting in the sun. I watered what is left of my balcony garden as sadly I had neglected it and a few of them have started to die. I love my balcony, especially in the morning when its not too hot and its so quiet that all I can here is the crickets.

+ Baby Shower and Friends 

This weekend me and my friends threw a baby shower for our friend. There are no babies in our group yet so this It was the first one I had ever participated in. We weren’t really that organised with regards to games but we made up for it in chats. No womanly conversation topic was left untouched. We talked about relationships, childhood, nipples, pregnancy, adultery, moon cups and more. We really did cover it all.


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