Iguazu Falls

Weirdly enough Iguazu Falls was never top of my to do list. I wanted to go but I wasn’t dying to go. After all how good could a waterfall really be? I can now say that a waterfall can be breathtakingly beautiful.

I took a spur of the moment decision to go there a couple of years ago. I wanted to escape from the city for the weekend and I was traveling alone. That weekend marked 1 year of me living in Buenos Aires and that trip was my first real experience of travelling alone.

I was recently clearing out photos on drop box  and stumbled on my Iguazu falls folder which got me reminiscing. One thing I didn’t recall was all of the rainbows. It seems as though there is a rainbow in almost every photo I took.

2013-05-11 11.20.04

Iguazu Falls are on the border of Argentina and Brazil so seeing as I went all that way I wanted to see the falls from both sides, I arrived mid- day on the Friday and decided to go straight to Brazil as there is much less to do there and you can do it in a half a day, on the Argentine side you need at least one whole day.

I thought it might be tricky to get to Brazil but with a bus travelling frequently between the town of Iguazu in Argentina and the national park in Brazil it was quick and easy. I had to go through immigration though which was interesting. This was my first time crossing a border by land and I stupidly forgot they don’t speak Spanish in Brazil and when I arrived at the border the immigration looked a bit disgusted that I could not understand one word. However with my passport I didn’t require a visa so she stamped me in, I said obrigado and I was on my way. Although I almost wasn’t as the bus driver had decided I was taking too long and was gearing up to leave. Luckily I was able to wave him down and he begrudgingly opened his door to let me in.

2013-05-10 16.00.14

The Brazilian side is a walk way along the falls and it gives you a panoramic view of the falls, I met a lovely Argentine couple, we walked around together and took photos of each other. It’s handy making new friends when you are travelling alone. The walk is nice but it was busy along the trail and there were a lot of people jostling to pose in front of the falls. My highlight was the end of the walkway as you are practically underneath that falls, I got drenched but it was worth it because you can feel the force of the water. I actually missed the last bus from the falls to Argentina, luckily my new friends spoke more Portuguese than me and we ended up getting the bus to the town and then across the border.

The second day I got up early to head to the Argentine side of the falls, I took a bus to the national park and started my day. The weather was so beautiful and I was happy to have a day of walking and exploring in the sun. Throughout the day I bumped into people from my hostel, the same Argentine couple from the day before and a whole bunch of new people.

The Argentine national park is beautiful and really well maintained. The final part of the park that I saw was la garganta del diablo- the devils throat. This is the most powerful point in the falls and to get there you have to walk along a footbridge that goes over the river until you get to the viewing platform. It was amazing to see and so mesmerising, there was so much water hammering down, it would be hard to not be impressed. It was definitely my highlight and I left feeling very happy, slightly tired from the walking and grateful to have had the opportunity to visit such an awesome place.

2013-05-10 16.25.05
Overall I preferred the Argentine side, there is more to do and the scenery is more varied. I felt as though I was in a rainforest for most of the day. I even saw a monkey in the trees. I think if you go it is good to see both sides as they both offer different things. It was fun to cross the border and get a new stamp in the passport (just remember you may need to obtain visas before hand).

The next day it was very rainy and wet but I ventured out to see the border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brasil. I got soaked through but it was a cool thing to see the point where three countries meet. When I got back to the hostel I spent sometime drying off then I got ready to head off to the airport to return to Buenos Aires.

Iguazu falls is easy to get to from Buenos Aires and there are a lot of places to stay on both the Argentine and Brazilian sides. I would recommend just going for 2-3 days as other than the falls there isn’t a lot to do. I loved my time spent there and would highly recommend it.




5 thoughts on “Iguazu Falls

  1. I was lucky to visit the falls too! Not like you, visiting the falls was among the top 3 on my to do list, and it was even better than I could imagine!


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