7 ways to beat the Sunday blues


I love Sunday mornings but after 4pm on a Sunday it can sometimes go downhill. Like yesterday, I woke up feeling fine but as the day went on I felt increasingly unsettled and anxious.

Thoughts about the week began to bother me and I felt stressed in advance for things that may never happen.

The worst of it is that if these things do happen I will probably be able to manage just find. Sunday brain can’t seem to compute that though.

This has been going on for years now for me and I have developed a few strategies to fight it. Though sometimes the best option is just to go to bed and be done with the day, here are a few other ideas:

Make plans
Go the cinema, go out for dinner, go for a walk with friends. The idea is just to get out of the house and feel like you did something with your evening.

Use the evening to get extra organised for the next day
Get your lunch ready, plan what you are going to wear and have the kitchen nice and clean. Not only does this help to improve Sunday it also has a positive impact on your ability to manage her sneaky little sister- Monday.

Do some exercise
I like to do some yoga or get out of the house for a run or a walk. It gets those happy endorphins pumping.

Turn the technology off
I find Sunday night is the worst night to go snooping around social media. It just seems as though everyone else is having more fun than me (so not true).

Have a bath and light a candle
I love a good bath but I know baths gross some people out so if that is you, just light the candle.

Read a nice book or watch a film. There is nothing like being so absorbed by a story that you get out of your own head and forget about those anxious thoughts.

Have a think about the root cause
This all depends on how crappy you feel. I tend not to get too concerned about a mild case of the Sunday blues but if it’s severe and happening every week its time to think about why.

The end of the weekend really shouldn’t bring such dread and if you are feeling that bummed out it means something has to change. So perhaps Sunday is a good time to assess what is not working for you in your life at the moment.


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