The lessons I’ve learnt from the women in my life


Earlier this week we celebrated International Women’s day. Quite a few men in the office wished me Feliz Dia which I thought was cool. It wasn’t until I got home from work that I thought about the important women in my life and what they have taught me.

My Nana

The Matriarch of our family and everyone’s pillar of strength, my Nana has shown me that you look after the people you love. She is a wise old lady and she shows that wisdom through her actions. She looks after, cooks for, cleans up after and worries about each and everyone of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. On top of that she is our most fierce supporter.

My Mum

My mum (along with my Dad, we need a day for men too!) has taught me more things that I can list, ranging from how to tie my shoelaces to how to cook. Perhaps the biggest thing that my mum has taught me is selflessness. Or perhaps that’s a lesson I am really not going to appreciate till I have my own children. But still I have seen mum put her needs aside for me and my sisters time and time again

My Big Sister

She taught me never to shave my thighs, I didn’t listen to her, stole her razor and shaved them. I regretted it forever. More importantly though she has taught me strength. She works really hard (much harder than me), she doesn’t whinge about it and she still manages to support and look after the people she loves.

My Little Sister

She has taught me about the importance of listening. She takes time to pause and listen to what is going on around her and to what people may or may not be saying. She has taught me that sometimes I just need to know when to shut my mouth and when to say something. I will admit this has taken me some work but I reckon I’m getting there.

My Friends 

I love all of my friends for their individual differences and they have each taught me different things. However collectively they have taught me the importance of being accepting, being supportive and non- judgmental and just generally having fun.

Mi Suegra (my boyfriend’s mum) 

I am not a patient person, she once told me I was inquieta (restless) and she was right. But she will sit and listen to me slowly murder a sentence in Spanish as if there is all the time in the world. I have seen her do it with foreigners that rent a room at her house too. She gives people time to talk without rushing them, she lets people be heard and shows me her patience every time we talk.

All of the women in my life show me all the time how fricken awesome to be connected to them. The women that I know build each other up, make each other laugh and are there for each other.

So let’s appreciate the women in our lives everyday! Feliz Dia de la Mujer!


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