Mendoza Part 2: The Wine Tasting

We spent our Easter Monday happily touring around a few wineries in Mendoza, learning about wine and participating in some wine tasting sessions.

I didn’t plan a thing ahead of going to Mendoza. I was coming off a very busy few weeks at work and I just didn’t have the mental head space for anymore planning, especially not in my personal life.

No one else planned anything either so we arrived without a clue about what we were going to do except for a vague idea about wanting to see mountains and drink wine.

On the Saturday we crossed mountains off the list and started looking towards the wine side of things. Mendoza is prime wine country, in fact it has around 900 wineries, so you really can’t go far out of the city without stumbling on one.

There are three main wine areas within Mendoza province- Luyan de Cuyo, Maipu and Valle de Uco. We thought we might like to do some wine tasting on the Sunday but as it turns out, the majority of the wineries are shut on Sunday. Instead we began working on a plan for Monday.

We hired a driver to take us around and he was great and very cost effective. He picked us up on the Monday and we headed out of the city. We had planned to go to Luigi Bosca winery but that was fully booked by people who planned ahead so instead we started off at Benegas Winery in the region of Lujan de Cuya around 10km from Mendoza city.

Benegas is a small family winery that uses traditional wine making methods and has a relatively small output. The grounds are just beautiful, one of the employees gave us an excellent personalised tour of the winery before taking us through a wine tasting down in the cellar.


After Benegas we travelled up the road to Nieto Senetiner. Nieto is a much larger, much more commercial winery and we just did the standard tour. It was a lot more generic and mass produced than the tour we did at Benegas and I really didn’t get much of a feel for the personality of the winery.

But still, the grounds were to die for (are you sensing a theme?) and who can really complain about sipping on lovely wine in the sunshine on a Monday? Not me.

Our third and final winery on our tour was Lagarde. Here we had a very quick tour and then we had lunch. It was no ordinary lunch though, we were nestled under a canopy of trees around a big beautiful table for a five course meal with wine pairing. It was made even better as a couple of our friends, who had been on a trip in the area, joined us.

I wouldn’t normally have a lunch like this and we didn’t know before sitting down that it was such an elaborate thing. It was such a lovely experience though and I felt really lucky to be able to enjoy such well prepared food matched perfectly with quality wines.

Sadly I ate everything so quickly that there was no time for photos to be taken, so you will have to trust me when I say that it looked as good as it tasted and it tasted really good.

If you plan to visit Mendoza the wineries are a must do. There are so many to choose from and its a great way to see a different part of Argentina.


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