Celebrating Life’s Detours

I heard somewhere the other day about the idea of life detours, those metaphoric side roads you take off the linear path of your life.

Life however is certainly not a straight line so everyone has detours. Sometimes they are planned sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they are a bit crap and sometimes they are great.

I’ve been thinking about the life detours I’ve taken and what they have added to my life and it seems to me that they are worth celebrating…

+ Argentina

Argentina is quite possibly one of the biggest detours in my life so far. It was never in my plan to set foot in Argentina, let alone live here. But an opportunity came up (in hindsight not a great one) so I wandered down that road and I moved here.

The shiz did eventually hit the fan with regards to that opportunity, things went sour and it seemed as though I had taken a bad detour. However I had a feeling I needed to stay in Argentina for just a bit longer and turn my experience around. So I stuck around and four years later I am still here and I now speak Spanish and live with a lovely Argentine.

+ Work

I have done some crappy jobs over the years and I have had moments where I’ve been really stressed about work. I have complained/ cried/ panicked/ laughed/ freaked out about work over the years.

I could have avoided some of those crappy experiences, or maintained a steady path and not tried anything scary. However this was the way I needed to do things and these little detours have taught that I can handle more than I give myself credit for.

My different professional detours have taught me what I don’t want to do in life, which is sometimes enough while you are working out what you do want to do. They have also shown me what kinds of environments/ work cultures I thrive in and which kinds suck all of good stuff out of me.

+ Love

Love detours have been the hallmark of my 20s. I have crossed oceans for romantic reasons, spent thousands of dollars crossing said oceans and cried too much over boys.

It was slightly distressing watching my romances burning up in flames but now I can look back and see that those love detours were good ways to learn. Each one taught me something about what I want in a relationship, what role I need to play in a relationship and how I needed to mature.

So what I am trying to say, is that detours can feel crappy at the time. It can feel as though everyone else you know has got it so together and is on the road to brilliance. They don’t and they’re not. Everyone is taking detours, making mistakes and figuring things out.  So here’s to celebrating our detours!


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