Life Lately: An Acrostic Update


Love is the best L word and lately I have really enjoyed spending my free time with my loved ones and feeling loved and soaking up all those good thoughts.

Intensity. Work has been full on. If I’m honest, too full on. Trying to manage work with everything else in my life is becoming a challenge. One thing I know I need to do is get back into my exercise routine. So that’s the plan for the coming months.

Fall. Or Autumn as I like to call it except it doesn’t start with an F. It’s very pretty outside with all of the leaves falling, however the change from warm to cold has felt sudden and harsh. We moved into our flat in the summer and we cannot figure out how to turn the heaters on. It sounds ridiculous I know, but we can’t. I think I need to phone a friend.

Eating. Oh the joy of food, giver of happiness. I’ve been in the kitchen a lot lately, cooking makes me feel calm and I love have netflix or a podcast on as I do it. I have become mildly obsessed with Eggplant (Aubergine), I totally under appreciated it in the past and now we’re having a moment.

Laughter. I laughed a lot when my boyfriend did a wild dance in the middle of the supermarket the other weekend. Best of all I managed to get it on film, to be used against him at a later date I’m sure.

Anxiety. This is notable in its absence. I’ve had few anxious thoughts lately which is always a relief. My head hits the pillow at night and I fall deep asleep. Getting up is the hard part though especially with this cold snap we are currently in. I want to hibernate like a bear.

Transitions.This year I hope to make some big-ish changes in my life. But aside from those I want to shake things up a bit Maybe it’ll be to  learn a new skill, try something I’ve never tried before and/or develop some new hobbies.

Events. This weekend is set to be jam packed with brunches, meals and Skype chats with family. Also I have the International Buenos Aires book fair to attend which I really enjoy.

Lounging. I’ve been doing a lot of this lately while I read. I have been tracking all of my reading on Good Reads and I’ve read ten books this year, which has meant a lot of lounging.

Yoga. Too many hours spent at a desk has not been kind to my lower back. However I’ve been doing yoga sessions I found on YouTube and they’ve helped me immensely. While Yoga with Adriene will always be my favourite yoga/ youtube person I found this video which really did give me instant relief.  So as I am constantly having to remind myself as I lay on the sofa rather than on the yoga mat- yoga makes of a calmer and happier Emma and needs to be done more.


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