10 Reasons Why Life Is Great

Because some weeks feel harder than others, as though they may never end and as though you’re dragging yourself through it. Unfortunately I’m having one of those weeks right now, but to remind myself how exciting and wonderful life really is I have been thinking about the reasons why life is great.


1. There are mornings when you can wake up, make a coffee and get back into bed without rushing. Not every morning, but that’s what makes the mornings where you can, feel so good.

2. There is at least one person out there that loves you enough to want to hang out with you a lot and who would miss you when you’re not around.

3. For the most part we can change parts of our life we don’t like at any moment we chose.

4. Life often changes for the better on its own, most bad things pass and some situations can turn around while you watch.

5. When everything’s going wrong there are always burgers and burgers equal happiness.

6. Breathtaking beaches, crisp forests, flowing rivers and impossibly high mountains exist and apparently being in those environments can make you happier.

7. You have so many days ahead of you to fill with laughter, great conversations and time spent with nice people.

8. There is always something new to learn, you can never learn it all.

9. Music, art and writing exist and can fill you with hopeful, inspired creative feelings.

10. There will always be a new interesting, mind-bending, place to visit in the world.

Those are my top ten, please let me know what yours are!


6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Life Is Great

  1. I’m not sure what my top 10 are but my partner and I will often list to each other three things about our day that have been positive. They help to spot the good things even on days which feel like they haven’t been the most productive or successful and make you realise there are always good things in your day, even if they’re sometimes small!

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