5 Friday Favourites

It’s finally Friday, my favourite day. And it’s June, my favourite month after December. My birthday is in June and for the first 18 years of my life it was the most important day of the year. I’m not too bothered about my birthday these days but old habits die hard and June is still my favourite month (much like July is my most hated).

I turn 30 in 3 short weeks. I feel like I should do something momentous to mark the occasion. My friend is planning to jump out of a plane for hers but I’m not that adventurous, so I’ll have to think of something else. That’ll be my goal for the weekend.

I have not really been enjoying Southern Hemisphere Autumn/ Winter time. It feels as though the whole world (really just the Northern Hemisphere is in Summer) except us. But our time will come and then I’ll be whinging to my boyfriend every day about the fact that they still haven’t put a fan/ aircon in the subway station and we’ll be dragging the mattress into the living room because it’s the only room with the fan. Oh the joys of summertime in Buenos Aires.

But anyway, on to things that I’m loving today, which was sort of the point of this…

+ Learning how to drive

I’m almost 30 and I still haven’t learnt how to do this. And I’m chosing to learn now in Buenos Aires where the drivers are arguably the craziest in the world and where no one uses their indicators.

My boyfriend took me for my first lesson the other day- well my friend did give me one of two lessons when we were 16. However this was the first time in 12 years that I had been behind the wheel. It went great though, I really enjoyed it and i learnt that he’s a really good teacher. I’m excited to learn more.

+ Weekend chill

I have no plans for this weekend except to lounge, read, drink tea and repeat. I’ve been a bit sick this week. I actually think everyone is Buenos Aires has been and I’ve started hearing rumours of some killer flu. So my body is craving lots of rest and that’s what I plan to give it.

+ Photography Course

My friend has organised a photography course for us to go on this month. We want to learn more about how to use our cameras properly, take good photos and how to edit them. I’m really looking forward to understanding a bit more about photography and my camera. We also want to find some nice spots in Buenos Aires to take some photos.

+ The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild

This book is nice, light and highly plot driven. Its been keeping me occupied on the subway, waiting in line at the supermarket and wherever else its safe to read (I do sometimes read while walking but wouldn’t advise it).

It’s a story centred around one painting but with many different individuals involved. It’s a really fun read and I’m learning more about the art world that I expected to. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a book to take on your holidays.

+ This Review of The Girls by Emma Cline

Following along in the bookish theme, I found this review for the The Girls by Emma Cline. I’ve been intrigued about this book since I first saw it was coming out.

It’s basically a coming of age story, it’s a work of fiction but it draws parallel with the events surrounding the crimes of Charles Manson. That event in history is thoroughly disturbing and this book seems creepy too. It also seems like a pretty interesting story of a girl who is just trying to make sense of the world and her place in it but instead is being taken down the wrong path.

This is an excellent, well written review with some high praise for the book: “told in sen­tences at times so finely wrought they could almost be worn as jewellery.” It’s made me really want to order it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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