29 Lessons for 29 Years


I’m turning 30! June is in full swing which means these are my last couple of weeks as a twenty- something.

My twenties have felt like both the shortest time and the longest time but one thing is certain- I’ve learnt a lot.

Here, in no particular order I have listed some of my 29 lessons from my 29 years:

  1. I should always treat everyone as I would like to be treated, which is to say: nicely
  2. Cuddles make things better
  3. If I feel grumpy I am probably just hungry or tired
  4. There is not one productive thing that can come from worrying about what people think of me
  5. In most cases it’s better to listen instead of talk
  6. Thank you’s are easy to give out and they make people feel good (but they have to be genuine)
  7. Good things take time, patience and persistence to develop into something good
  8. Sunburn is never a good idea
  9. Life has shitty moments and often just have to be lived through
  10. Someone is probably being mean to me because someone was mean to them
  11. Goodbyes are never going to get easy
  12. It’s never good to drink a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time
  13. Exercise lowers anxiety and improves sleep
  14. I would rather be a kind loser than a mean winner
  15. Some people are just difficult best to just leave them to it
  16. Avocados ripen faster if you put them next to a banana
  17. Some alone time every now and then is key
  18. Life is often much more simple than I make it in my head
  19. Good health is everything
  20. I would rather be single forever than with a man that is unkind to me
  21. Love really does make the world go round
  22. Tea has healing properties
  23. Women should always stick together, never tear each other down
  24. Passing judgement is a normal human trait but should always be questioned and resisted
  25. I am very lucky to have the family I have
  26. It’s not possible to be positive 100% of the time. Good stuff comes sometimes comes from melancholy.
  27. The ocean calms me down
  28. Chats with friends are like therapy, but therapy is also useful
  29. We are all doing our own thing so comparing my life with that of someone else is pointless.

Here´s to many more lessons for my thirties!



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