Things To Do in Buenos Aires- Winter Edition

The winter is not too long in Buenos Aires, nor is it particularly harsh but it definitely exists. Many tourists come here thinking it will be warm all year round but that really isn’t the case. Buenos Aires is a lot of fun in the summer but there is also quite a bit to do during the winter too.

Eat outside

The days are not too short here which means quite a lot of sunshine hours even in the dead of winter. Plus the winter sun here has quite a bit of warmth which makes it perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a nice meal. Argentines love to eat outside so practically every cafe has an outdoor space. In the winter it’s a good idea to pick a spot in the sun, sip on some malbec or a cafe con leche and soak up some vitamin D.


The Malba

There are a fair few museums and galleries In Buenos Aires however the Malba is my favourite. It’s a beautiful gallery that is great for a rainy winter’s day or a day where you just want to be indoors. It has a permanent collection of Latin American art which can be seen the whole year round and it also has exhibitions from time to time. They are generally pretty good exhibitions, I went to see the Mario Testino collection here and it was great.

They also have a cinema inside the gallery where they show artsy films and from time to time they hold events in the Hall area. This coming Tuesday 21st June they are actually holding a Silent Reading Party. The idea is that you show up with your book and switch off your phone so you can disconnect and relax while reading. There will be rugs, chairs and cushions as well as coffee and tea and some relaxing live music. The event is free but has limited capacity. So first in, first serve.

Take a photography course

There are so many cool and interesting things to take photos of in this city but if you have just landed you may not know where to look for them. The winter time is also a great time to take photos as the light is just all lovely and filtered.

I recently took an afternoon photography course with Day Clicker Photo Tours. We started  by covering the basics of photography, then we headed out to take some photos in Palermo and put into practice what we learnt. It was really fun and Amelia who took the course was knowledgable and fun to be around. I think taking photos of the city and looking out for interesting photo opportunities can help you see the city in a different way and help you see things you mightn’t have otherwise seen.


Do a grafiti tour

There are very few laws against graffiti/ street art here in Buenos Aires and as a result there are some really beautiful murals around. The thing is that they are not always easy to find and some are tucked away in obscure neighbourhoods. However with this tour with BA Street Art they take you to all the good spots and you get to see some beautiful art. I actually did this tour in the summer and it was hot to the point where it was almost unbearable, so I think it would be better in the winter.


There are so many more things to do and enjoy in Buenos Aires during the winter and it can be a lot more relaxed that the summer. I would definitely recommend it as a time to visit. Plus if the cold gets too much you can always escape to the North of Argentina!



8 thoughts on “Things To Do in Buenos Aires- Winter Edition

  1. Ohh I’m suffering a lot this winter! But I’d love to try a few of these. I’ve actually never been to the Malba before so, I think I’ll be doing that this next week. Thanks for Sharing! xx

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