Weekend Escape to Tigre

It was my birthday yesterday and I turned 30. My boyfriend had to go away for work a couple of days before, meaning I wouldn’t see him on the day, so we celebrated early by making an escape to Tigre on the Friday.

I love Tigre, it’s only an hour from Buenos Aires but when you get there, you feel very far from the hustle, bustle, chaos and noise of the city.

Tigre is a small town set upon the river Parana, the town itself is great for a day trip but you can also jump in a boat and head down one of the many streams and rivers that are connected to the town. Along those rivers and streams there are countless houses and cabins that can be rented out for short of long term stays.

We stayed at a place called Eco Delta Spa. We wanted somewhere kind of special as we were celebrating my birthday and we also wanted a place where we would be able to really unwind. This place seemed to offer it all.

It was a pubic holiday here last Friday morning so we set off early and got the boat at 9.30am. This was a boat organised specially for guests of the spa and we hopped on at the Estacion Fluvial which is a couple of blocks from the main train station in Tigre. At the estacion fluvial you can also get a collectivo, which is basically a bus that takes you to lots of different places on the river. This is key as most of the accommodation options are accessible by boat only.


We arrived at our island at 10.30am and as our room was already available,  we were able to check in right there and then. The hotel part of the spa was really lovely and our bed was huge and very comfortable. The staff were also very helpful and accommodating.

Soon after arriving we took a long walk around and got familiar with our surroundings. It was so lovely to be close to the river and have so much green around. It’s still autumn-y here so that made for some pretty scenery.


By the time we got back from our walk it was time for lunch, all the meals were included in the package so we headed to the spa restaurant to eat. The food was nice but it was a three course meal, not something I am accustomed to eating at lunch time so I practically had to be rolled out of there.

After lunch we headed back to the room and my boyfriend napped while I read in the sun on the balcony. That was something I really liked about the place, all the rooms had a balcony.

Once the food had all gone down I headed to the pool which was heated to the temperature of a lovely bath and I just soaked there for a while. Then it was pretty much time for eating again!



The next day we did have to check out at 11am but we were able to use the spa until 6pm in the evening when the boat picked us up again. So we spent the day in much the same manner as the day before.

The spa was nice and professional and again the staff were good. They have a large range of treatments from facials to massages as well as facilities such as saunas and a jacuzzi.  It was also open as a day spa for those who didn’t want to stay the night.

All in all it was a lovely relaxing stay and just what we needed to be able to unwind and spend time with each other. There was an outdoor pool too with a bar however it was much too cold to venture out there. I think in the summer it would be really fun though.

So if you are looking for a Buenos Aires escape idea, Tigre is the one. I’m definitely planning (in my head for now) another trip back there in the summer.



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