La Bomba del Tiempo


If you are in Buenos Aires and thinking of things to do, you need to add la Bomba del Tiempo to your do to list.

Bomba del Tiempo is a percussion band with 16 members that drum out improvised rhythmic beats every Monday night of the year at the Konex theatre in the downtown Buenos Aires suburb of Abasto.

They have been performing as a group now for ten years at the Konex and they are so in tune with each other that they  basically just make it up as they go along, so the cool thing is that each time you go is slightly different.

I went the other day on the eve of my birthday and it was the third time I had seen them. Every time they perform they also have a guest and this time they invited a band from Uruguay to come and play with them.

The first two times I saw them was in the summer and in the warmer months they set up a stage outside. This time as it was winter we were inside huddled up against the cold. I have to say I prefer the summer sessions. There is something fun about crazy dancing to drum beats amongst a wild bunch of foreigners drinking 1 litre cups of beer in the sticky summer heat.

It costs about 110 pesos which I think is a bargain and it lasts around 2 hours. The doors open at 7pm, there is usually a queue as most people buy tickets on the door. As soon as they open the doors the queue goes quickly.

Now I am wishing away winter so that I can go see them again in the summertime…



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