Life Lately

Sorry to go on about it but I’m rather sick of winter. The winter isn’t even that bad here in Buenos Aires but I just want nice warm days where I can sit on my balcony sipping my coffee and where I don’t have to wear a coat. Sadly I think I still have another two months of this cold weather. The last month has been really busy and full of changes so here goes with the updates.


+ Living an internet free live

Something happened to our aplificador. I don’t know what an aplificador is but according to the technician who came to fix it that’s why our internet is not working. He explained this right before he told us he couldn’t fix it. Then he left never to be seen again and now we are on day five without internet. I’m not really sure what the process is to get it back up and running but what I’ve noticed through it’s absence is how much time I lose to the internet. I lose hours trapped in some Instagram wormhole or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Since not having the internet I have written more, read more, tidied more and baked more. The only thing I haven’t done more of is exercise, bringing me to my next update…

+ Lack of exercise

I’ve turned into a lazy hibernating bear lately. All I want to do its stay at home and expend as little energy as possible. I’ve lost all exercise motivation and it’s not good because I feel sluggish and I’ve gained some winter weight. I’m not too bothered about the weight itself but what I don’t like the feeling that I’m not taking care of myself and I’m not looking after my body. This time last year I ran a 15k race. I cant imagine doing that right now.

So today after work I’m going to a friend’s gym and I really have to go because I was supposed to go on Thursday and when I text her to say I wasn’t going she said “el lunes Emma, sin falta!!!” which means I have to go today or else. Strangely enough I quite like gyms, they are always warm, I can wear comfy clothes and there’s lots to look at. The problem for me is actually getting there.

+ Working out my notice

I’m about to start a new job so for the last two weeks I have been working out my notice and I only have one week left. I’m really happy about the change but working out a notice period is always a bit of a strange transitional place to be in. Mentally I´ve kind of checked out, yet I still have work to do. I’m also a bit nervous about the change as I’m going to be doing something I’ve never done before and I may just suck at it. But if I don’t try I’ll never know. 

+ Saying goodbyes

One of my best friends left Argentina the other week. Being an immigrant here in Argentina and making friends with other immigrants does mean that goodbyes are a part of life. It doesn’t however make goodbyes any easier. My friend had lived here in Argentina the same amount of time as me so it hurts to see her go. Plus as I’m leaving my job I’m saying lots of goodbyes on that front too.

+ Currently Reading


Right now I’m reading a book called My Name is Ove. It’s a sweet little story about a grumpy old man called Ove who after the recent death of his wife just wants to do die. However a loud ever present family moves in across the road and begin to push their way into his life making it impossible for him to get some peace and quiet. Slowly the neighbours and the reader begin to see that really he’s not so bad afterall. This book is a funny, heartwarming story and I would recommend it to everyone and everyone.

Happy Monday!


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