In Search of Inspiration and Motivation

Over the last few months I’ve been trying to write more fiction and in the last few weeks I’ve been finding it quite hard. I’ve just been a bit stuck for ideas, which has meant I’ve struggled to sit down and write and at times I’ve been distracted. It’s not a great feeling having the urge to write yet struggle to get the words out, so i’ve been developing some techniques to help me get motivated and inspired.

+ Going for walks

Ideally it has to be at least an hour of walking for me and my heart rate has to be raised. Once those conditions are met I feel as though ideas and thoughts start flowing. It´s best to go out on my walk with a seed of an idea and I find by the end of the walk the idea will have a lot more weight to.


+ Mind Maps

This was called Brainstorming when I was at school and we used them all the time to develop and visualise our ideas. Nowadays I use them to think about ideas for this blog and for stories that I write. I think mind maps are underrated and I really enjoy using a pen and paper to do them rather than the computer.

+ Turn of the internet

I don’t think anyone actually turns of their internet, well no one I know, but last weekend our internet went down for the whole weekend and it turned out to be for the best. It was annoying at first but I got used to it quickly and then I wrote and read more than I had in a long while. I felt happy too, I didn’t feel scattered like I sometimes do jumping from Facebook to Instagram to snapchat, etc. mindlessly scrolling.

+ Change up the scenery

I think going away helps with creativity and inspiration, especially if you can get away to the beach which is one of my favourite places. When I’m not able to go off to the beach though I at least try to mix up my surroundings and go to a cafe or something like that. Being out in the word creates different thought patterns and leads to ideas.


+ Don’t be scared of the hard work 

I’m not sure if I’m scared of the hard work or just lazy but staring at a blank screen and trying to create something that is good can be very daunting. An idea is not a properly formed thing and won’t be until you’ve worked at it for a considerable amount of time. It takes a lot of practice to be good at something and I try to never forget this.

In order to inspire myself I try to remember that no one has amazing ideas all of the time. Great things can come from some tiny spark if you have the patience to play around with and turn into something great.

Anyone have any inspiration/ motivation tips to share with me?


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