Afternoon Tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel

The Alvear Palace Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Buenos Aires and I’ve been wanting to have afternoon tea there for quite some time. Recently my friend turned 30 and was also about to leave the country so it seem like a good excuse to go. 

The hotel is a 5- star hotel located in the heart of Recoleta, one of the most affluent suburbs in Buenos Aires. It was first opened in 1932 but has since been closed and reopen twice for renovations. The decor in the entrance foyer is very grand and there is gold and heavy fabrics everywhere, the place exudes faded glamour.

Tea is served in the dining room, called L’Orangerie and for our afternoon tea we were seated in the atrium section. It was a rainy day and it was nice to have our tea while listening to the raindrops fall on the glass roof overhead.  There is a lot of light and plants in the atrium so it’s a good idea to request a table in there when booking.

wp-1470011122912.jpegWhen we sat down the waiter asked us whether we wanted the afternoon tea with a class of champagne or the standard afternoon tea. We chose the tea with the champagne option and I chose a simple english breakfast tea. I was pleasantly surprised with the tea, most tea I’ve tried in Buenos Aires has been weak and flavourless, but this tea was good. It was also bottomless, I think we got through three tea pots each. 

After that the food comes out quickly. First up we had scones, two each, and they were lovely and fluffy. We then got started on our tiered cake and sandwich stand. Here there was a good mixture between sweet and savoury and even had a traditional cucumber sandwich as well as tuna, chicken and salmon. 

wp-1470012135022.jpegAfter we had eaten all we could manage from the stand they took it away and promptly returned with the desert trolley. I chose an apple crumple and it was delicious, although by that point I was getting a little full. Then they bought our class of champagne, I actually had two as they topped me up.


On the whole I really enjoyed the experience. The service was impeccable and the food was tasty and fresh. The schedule is from 4.30pm to 7pm and we stayed the entire time, it was good because we didn’t feel at all rushed to get through the food.

At 550 pesos per person* it is a little on the expensive side for what you actually get but then you are also paying for the experience and I think it’s worth it. I would certainly recommend it as a good activity to do while in Buenos Aires.


* price including a glass of champagne as of July 2016


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