5 Friday Favourites

I have a lot of favourites right now. It’s been a glorious sunny week and the weekend is so close I can almost touch it. Tonight I will mainly be chilling with some wine, then this weekend I’ll be seeing friends, eating good food and having fun. So here are my favourite things right now.

+ Wellness Vogue Videos

British Vogue have filmed a series of videos following model Camile Rowe as she sets out on a journey to understand what wellness is all about.

On her journey she meets a series of health professionals and alternative medicine experts in an attempt to figure out what the term wellness really means.

If you are a hardcore wellness warrior you may find these videos a bit grating. However if you like to occasionally dip your toes into the wellness world this could be right up your alley. Plus Camile Rowe has lovely clothes and a cool personal style so that’s fun to watch.

They publish a video every Tuesday on the British Vogue YouTube channel and at the moment they are up to the second episode. You you can find the first episode here.


Over the last year we’ve had a few friend reshuffles in my group- more than I would have liked- and we’ve had to regroup.  We’ve had friends move on to different places, some closer to home and some have fled to far away lands for new adventures. To live in Buenos Aires as a foreigner and to have foreign friends means saying goodbye to friends too. I know this, but it doesn’t always make it easier to deal with when they leave.

The good news is that we’ve reshuffled into a tight-knit, albeit small, solid group and they feel like my foreign family. My friends are easy to be around, open, kind and fun. Plus one person in the group is just three months old, gives the best cuddles and smells like milk. I couldn’t ask for more.

+ Cooking

I’ve been so happy in the kitchen lately and right now I am all about simplicity. It’s amazing what you can do from a few basic ingredients. My long time favs are tomato, basil and garlic and this week I threw them all on a pizza with mozzarella. I used this recipe for the base and used the pizza stone my friends (the ones that left) donated me.


+ Spring 

Spring is right around the corner, I can feel it, the weather lately has been nicer and all of the delicious summer fruits are coming back into season.

I’m daydreaming of reading on the balcony in the mornings, drinking iced coffees, eating dulce de leche ice-cream, baking cakes topped with juicy peaches, leaving all the windows open, wearing summer dresses and dipping strawberries in chocolate.

If I could choose one season for the whole year it would be spring.


+ Exercise

It’s fair to say that me and exercise have had a rocky relationship this year, for a while there we flat out stopped seeing each other. But I made some pretty big lifestyle changes (switched jobs, reduced my working hours and my commute) and now we are back on.

I’ve been exercising regularly for the last month and I feel so much better. I’ve been mainly running and doing youtube workouts in my house like this one.So far it’s working for me.

It doesn’t take a large amount of my time because I do it in or around my house and it doesn’t cost me any money. I have noticed that I’m sleeping better, I have more energy and most importantly I feel good about the fact that I’m being good to my body.

I’ve also noticed I’ve lost weight, my clothes feel better and my belly and muffin tops have reduced in size (WIN). All in all I am pretty smitten with exercise right now.

And that is all for now. Happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “5 Friday Favourites

  1. Spring is so close I can almost feel it omg, These last few days were glorious! I’m not enjoying today’s storm though, but I can’t wait to start planning some picnics and trips to Palermo and stuff. thanks for sharing this! Happy weekend xx

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